• ACEIS is a strategic business and technology firm established to leverage its professional business and financial channels across the globe with a core team ready to deliver a wide range of cross-border solutions.
  • Since 2010 ACEIS has participated in bridging strategic relationships and business transactions. With an international banking network spread across Zurich, Vaduz, Dubai, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, New York, Malta, Mexico City, Vancouver, Kiev and Tel-Aviv. ACEIS prides itself as a “hands-on” niche firm capable of a vast array of international business solutions in the financial and technology space to name a few.
  • In late 2014, ACEIS acquired shares in a Vancouver based solar energy company with investments in China.
  • Since 2018, ACEIS has been participating in a Malta based international block chain bank opportunity.
  • Since 2017, ACEIS has been participating in various large industrial and infrastructure projects to finance and develop new industrial level solutions for industry which are currently underway towards completion in Q3 2025, in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Petro-Chemical industries.
  • In 2019, ACEIS takes equity in Mongolia's largest egg producer in the food and agriculture sector.
  • In 2019, signed an MoU to invest in an organic poultry, meat, and vegetable farm with plans to expand in the hotel and retail market India wide.
  • In 2019, ACEIS is set to expand into a Dubai Free Trade Zone where they will participate in commodities based trading.
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