With a family legacy in Asia since 1946, our founders have been redefining the limits of what a true consortium of business talent can do. We believe that our innovative consortium diversification strategy is the foundation and cornerstone of our business model and future legacy.

We are aren’t just trying to keep up with our modern world; we are empowering it by "...investing in human capital" for a sustainable future. Whether it's through our mixed business approach in aerospace, technology, specialized components, manufacturing, energy products, real estate, luxury goods and services, or food and beverage industry, our business model brings a wide range of unique expertise to every negotiation and transaction. Managing key brands be it in luxury products, components, systems and logistic services we have a proven model for success that works.

We believe in strong equity partnerships that drive real business growth. As such, we stand behind our core ideal of "price is what you pay and value is what you get."


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